Find the people. Live the night.

Nightler is a new and easy way to find your friends and identify the hot spots of a city.

· Discover new places to go out.

· Check in at restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas, ...

· Easily find and meet friends.

· Post photos and texts to rate locations.

· Collect coupons for free drinks or meals

Launched in early 2017 in Luxembourg. Now expanding.

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Hey @mitchoz, Tell us more about your app. Why did you build it and how does it differ from similar apps out there already?
Hey @jacqvon, We basically built it from a meme. A few months ago, every time when we wanted to go out, we used to tell ourselves: "Would be nice to have an app where you could see where your friends are...". And that's when I finally decided to create a first draft. Took 6 months to create and launch an MVP in Luxembourg, and now, 1 year later, we're slowly trying to expand into more, mostly european, countries. Nightler was made with a clear vision, and thus, is designed to solve the main questions when going out. It's a nightlife compendium, that has a new map and new, real-time data every day. For example the data collected via our checkin function allows us to create unique statistics for location managers, and to create a strong bond between customers and their favorite places in the digital world.
As a night owl gotta check this out



Not available in India

It should be available for download in India, can you please confirm? If you want to add new locations to the map, please try our tool at: (Currently in BETA)