Night Viewer

Enable dark mode for View Page Source (Chrome/Firefox/Edge)

Night Viewer enables smooth dark mode for the View Page Source, beautifies the source code and allows you to modify the font to make it more readable.
Availalbe on Chrome, Chromium based browsers and Firefox
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Yes, the last dazzling white spot is finally fixed. I can have a really dark mode while debugging. Congratulations on the development. Is there a search option in the source code?
@kokiweb Hey, thanks! Yeah -> open Night Viewer -> click on the code -> ctrl+f (for Windows) or cmd+f (for macOS)
@stanislav_dim That is perfect. Go Dark Mode.
Hey guys! Night Viewer is a lightweight and free Chrome Extension that enables dark mode for the View Page Source. Not only that, it also shows you how the browser has rendered a page’s original HTML into a functioning DOM, including modifications made by JavaScript. Night Viewer allows you to modify the font size of the View Page Source by increasing or decreasing it to make it more readable. Its core features (actually all its features) :) 🌑 Enable dark mode for the View Page Source in Chrome/Chromium/Firefox 💄 Beautify the source code to make it more readable 🔎 Allow you to modify (increase and decrease) the font size at the View Page Source ➤ Show you source code before JavaScript execution (returned from server) ➤ Show you source code after JavaScript execution (same as Developer Tools) We developed it basically to scratch our own itch and thought that it might be useful to someone else. It is a tool made from developers for developers and probably some tech savvy SEO geeks. Night Viewer is completely FREE extension that is developed by the team behind Night Eye -
Congrats on the launch! Is the default View Page Source still available after installing Night View?
@kishminish Yeah it is, it is available through the context menu or with the default shortcut when Night Viewer is disabled.
Can the shortcut for opening the View Page Source be changed?
@kristiyana_georgieva No, the idea is to replace the default View Page Source shortcut in order to not disrupt the workflow most of the developers already adopted.
How can you access the default view page source? I guess the extension should be disabled, but is there any other way?
@kstoykov Correct, disabling Night Viewer will allow you to access the default View Page Source through the standard shortcut. If it is enabled, you can do that by using the context menu.