Night Owl

We'll solve your homework problems. Text (831) 291-3236.

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Hey, one of the makers here. Feel free to ask any questions! Our app got stuck in review hell so we quickly switched to sms and just launched at UCSC!
@scorinth Nice work. Curious whats the challenge with app review?
@babu_ck No clue. Submitted the app, waited 8 days. Then Apple opened the app (we know from logs) and it's been 6 or 7 days since it went into review status. The last time we submitted an app it went from review to approved in under 3 hours. We emailed support and got a robot reply :(
Interesting idea. I'd like to know who are the problem solvers?
@hang_zhao Our tutors (problem solvers) are grad students and lectures in the field of the mathematics.
Why is it named as Night Owl?
A cheater's dream! ;)
Thats a good question. Students who stay up late are Night Owls. Using us, we are there Night Owl.