Night Mode for Desktop

Twitter's Night mode on mobile? Now it's coming to desktop!

#4 Product of the DayAugust 12, 2017

Night Mode for Desktop allows you to save your eyes when using Twitter when it's dark out. Twitter introduced Night Mode to mobile last year and now they are finally bringing it to desktop.

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Night mode is slowly making its way to the Desktop version of Twitter! If you don't have the Night mode option on your account, don't worry. It will show up eventually, but I believe that they are in the testing stages. I don't have a clue as to how or if they choose accounts to give this feature to considering that I don't have it on my main account. The account that I DO have it on is simply a test account that I use to test my DM bots on and the account is protected. Anyways, if you don't have it, enjoy the screenshots 👆
Not available for all location?
@manikandanux I'm in Venezuela and I don't see this ☹
I gotta say, @ProductHunt looks rad in Night Mode. 😎
I have been using the Stylish theme for night mode and it looks exactly the same. Glad to see this being made an official part of the desktop experience! :)
Link not working for anyone else?
@meadowcottage13 Yup ⸺ " took too long to respond."
@meadowcottage13 @benjam1n Link has been fixed!
@benjam1n @samschmir Just links to for me 😂