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Niftio’s designer-made presentation templates paired with its content library make the creation of the slides fun and easy, while the smart pointer and the audience Q&A helps the presenter achieve that professional and confident look.

Niftio helps you master the art of presentations.

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Niftio is a cozy presentation app that offers its users all the necessary resources they need to become the presenters they secretly crave to be. With Niftio, non-creative professionals can easily make, play and share stylish presentations.
Hi, found this via ASK PH. Looking at the different templates, is there anyway to mark/bookmark individual templates, so I can come back to them later without searching again? Thanks
@sam_cholera Sadly, right now you can't bookmark individual templates. It's a wonderful idea, though. I added this idea on our support channel, feel free to upvote it.
@roxanaeft Where the bookmarks added with the new iteration?
Very useful! thank you!
@basilfarraj Thanks! Enjoy creating nifty presentations ;)
@roxanaeft Roxana! I already enjoyed! :-) I have some questions to ask. How can i contact you?
@basilfarraj Send me an email at Look forward to it.

The templates help me create my slides easily and in no-time. I like the big preview of the templates which makes it easy to decide which one fits my needs best.


The presentation templates and the Q&A


allow me to add videos.

Really enjoy using Niftio, such a cool alternative to PPT or Prezi


Cool templates, easy to use, can get questions from the audience through the online questions / feedback feature


None yet