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Sarah Perez@sarahintampa · TechCrunch
I'm sad that Nifti had to pivot :(
Some Guy@ghobs91 · Head Of Winging It, Denarri
@sarahintampa I was too actually, and I ended up saying screw it, taught myself to code, and built something that solves a similar problem Nifti does. It's called Denarri, I'd love to get your thoughts on it!
Erik Finman@erikfinman · Founder of Finman Technologies
Love it! Do you know the story of why this app was created?
David BedussaHunter@ilbedussa · Business Hacker | Wadi Ventures
Andrew Condurache@acondurache · Maker
There seems to be this trend happening for "laziness apps", the idea of pressing a button to get something in return with minimal effort, e.g Yo! Push For Pizza, Nifti and others .
David BedussaHunter@ilbedussa · Business Hacker | Wadi Ventures
Laziness is the new trend!