A smart camera for Twitter with emojis 😸🌴🌞

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Lee Rubenstein@leerubenstein · Co-founder of ArtSnacks
If a disposable camera and Twitter had a baby they would call it Nico. I've been beta testing this app for a few weeks and it has quickly become one of my new favorites.
Haik AvanianMaker@super_haik · Product Designer, NYC
@leerubenstein haha love that description
Haik AvanianMaker@super_haik · Product Designer, NYC
Nico is a camera for Twitter that posts your photos with matching emojis, photo details, and other smart captions. Here's a little writeup about the making-of one of the features
Bryan Maniotakis@bryanmanio · Design Director — Toy Rockets
A breath of fresh air in the somewhat stale photography space.
Matt Hamlin@immatthamlin · Web Developer at Wayfair
This looks like the Instagram add-on for twitter, I hope that there is an Android app in the works.
@immatthamlin Where's that Android version??? @super_haik
tom meagher@tomfme · now is good.
HOW IS THIS NOT #1?!? (Sorry for caps and bold.) I could see the Insta crowd digging this, although Instagram cut back their app a bit.