Nickelled 2

Code-free website walkthroughs

Nickelled 2 brings lightning fast walkthrough creation, better reporting and analytics, and a significantly upgraded user experience to all users of the Nickelled platform. A no-obligation free trial is available for new users at

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6 Reviews5.0/5
Woooooooo YES!!! <3 Can't wait to try the new Nickelled out!

I have been using Nickelled for some time now, and I have been very happy with the service the team and the responses from the developers when I have had questions.


Easy to use, one of the better priced services on the market


Doesn't work in app, so if you make design changes you need to totally remake the walkthrough

Hi Benjamin. Thanks for taking time to leave a review. I'd like to add a couple points to your con... 1) "Doesn't work in app". You're totally right. Our walkthroughs don't work in app. We used to work in app but presenting walkthroughs inside your application makes them extremely brittle – even if you make a tiny change to your website it's possible the walkthrough will break (our competitors suffer from this exact problem). This frustrated our customers so we stopped offering in app walkthroughs. Instead we decided to double down on our website replication technology. The replication approach also gives everyone the chance to make a walkthroughs, even if you aren't a developer and/or can't get code changes applied to your website. 2) "if you make design changes you need to totally remake the walkthrough". In certain situations this is true. If your application UI is undergoing a big change then the walkthrough could become out-of-date. However, a small change shouldn't affect the users understanding and, because of our replication technology, the walkthrough will continue to work no matter what changes you make to your website – so no worries about broken guides. Thanks again! 🙏
Nickelled is awesome - well done team!
Nickelled just keeps getting better – awesome team, and ever-more-awesome product.

Have been a happy user for a year. We are very happy with Nickelled and the extraordinary good onboarding service they provide.

The way the guides are displayed on the web makes it very easy to use and understand as a user/visitor. This was very important for us when choosing this service.


The layout and admin is very easy to use and understand.


I cant think of anything right now

Thanks so much for the kind words Jesper! 🙏