The allowance that teaches.

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I definitely needed something like this!
@bentossell I was just thinking the exact same thing. Wonder why it didn't receive more up votes.
@bentossell See It uses the same prepaid mastercard platform and comes with a companion app.
@rsgopi @bentossell I didn't see anything about generating interest on savings for onbudget (or for oink) - did I miss it? That is important element of Nickel's "teaching" angle I think (though budget reports are certainly a part of that as well, which onbudget and oink do seem to provide). @oliverdeighton have you thought of doing something like (purchases are rounded up to the nearest dollar and the "extra change" is automatically put into a savings account; Chime pays you 10% interest on your roundup amount each week) ?
A smart and easy way for families to teach re$ponsible living to kids.
Is it weird that I want to get this and put myself on it?
I really like the ability to set a custom interest rate that can be meaningful and motivating to a child. Great product!
How much of an allowance does the target demographic of this app give their kids? Any stats on that yet? To me, it's a bit hard to justify charging $5 per kid per month (compared to for instance a 2-5% transaction/processing fee), but I also don't have kids.