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Getting smarter, connected with everlasting business partner, you name it! Twitter is great, and is even greater when you follow the right people. Life is only once!
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Hello hunters! πŸ‘‹πŸ» Recently I want to change how I consume Twitter, to make sure I'm informed in the best possible way without sacrificing so much time and become addicted. I found following the most interesting people on Twitter helps with utilizing the Twitter's list. When I was gathering those people in my private list, I wonder why don't I share what I've been curating in a more entertaining way. That eventually leads to the birth of Without further ado, here are some things that might entertain you to follow your next awesome – read: nicest – people on Twitter: πŸ—‚ Specific categories like makers, designers, etc 🎭 Complete overview of people like photo, bio, etc 🚦 Ability to sort by most or least followers πŸ“± Mobile friendly 🌚 Dark mode by default That said, I'm excited to see how people would use this site. If you have some feedback, thoughts, or whatever, feel free to reach me out via comment or Twitter as well @wilbertliu. Let me know what you think!
Nice work! Thanks for including me in the UI/UX list! I scrolled and found myself! πŸ˜†
@heidi_helen How could I forget you, Heidi? Hope you'll find it useful there. πŸ˜€
@wilbertliu Woop! Woop! I also found myself in the Maker list. Do you have a Tweet about this that I can share?
@heidi_helen I think you've made awesome products along the way, so that's worth it to call you as maker too. πŸ˜€ Here's the tweet Thanks for your support Heidi!
Hey Congrats on the launch Wilbert. Just now seeing this. It was fun list to go through! curious what did you make it with?