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Hi all, I made "Nicely Done" because I was doing some products screenshots on my computer for years and I wanted to find patterns easily. So I started working on it on weekend & nights, got a little help and I'm here few weeks later with Nicely Done. I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestion :)
This is really awesome for those of us who are looking for inspiration for their products. I think it's better than CollectUI because the latter is more focused on the concept.
Nicely done. (see what I did there)
Hi Bertrand, how do you decide what are the best digital products?
@haimpekel Hi Haim, good question. I'm focusing only on products that have a good execution on UX & UI
@bertwitt Thanks for answering so fast :)
This neat, would be nice to be able to click through easily to the actual site in addition to the screenshots
@matt_brothers I'll add links to products :)

This is a totally underrated resource. The ability to find great references is so much easier than any other site. Only wished it was updated more!


Great filtering

Only great resources


Could be updated more often