Generate pretty documentation instantly.

#3 Product of the DayApril 17, 2019 aims to reduce documentation friction, converting any markup file hosted on into instant beauty documentation.
No generators, hosting extra things or whatever: just focus on writing the content and nicedoc does the rest.
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I'm a regular OSS contributor and I was fatigued since every time I started a fresh project I need to pick a documentation generator and maintain it, so I decided to start this pet project during my work hours at IBM.
@kikobeats nice idea! It reminds me of Would be nice to have a hosted and automated generation of the doc like Doxdox do

Useful tools for saving time are always welcome


Saving a lot of time for landing pages, and forcing Open Source projects to have a well written README file.


No cons for the moment

Awesome! 💯


Simple. Easy. Dark Mode.



Things went all wrong when I clicked on a README link: 😔
@rcamargo That's because `blob/master` is a git thing added by GitHub, but not necessary for resolving the URL That's the right URL
@kikobeats Thanks for your reply. However, would that be an issue? Tough my docs work in Github, wouldn't they necessarily work at Nicedoc and vice-versa? 🤔
@rcamargo I think you're right and expectable that the service resolve that by default. Appreciated if you can open an issue 🙂
@rcamargo Thanks for that. It has been addressed and the issue closed 🙂