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The finest collection of UI/UX patterns

A design inspirational library featuring finest ui/ux patterns, layouts, and design examples. No biggie.
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Nice name 👏🏼
@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan! 👍
@rrhoover @stsilent the logo 😍
Hey, it seems I already use it. Thanks for the NICE collection🤪
@danilov_den It's great to hear, Denis! Any suggestions or a feedback so far?
Nice one indeed, I'll put it in in my next update! Well done.
@sandochee Thanks, Sandoche! I appreciate it.
Are mobile patters on your roadmap?
@micheldemeere Not yet, but I'll consider adding it. Thanks for the idea, Michel!
@micheldemeere @stsilent Plus one to this one from me. For many consumer businesses traffic is c.50 - 90% mobile so would be really useful.
@micheldemeere There was different UI/UX pattern site on here last week which did have mobile patterns -