Nice 2 Hack You - by Big Data

Big Data presents an amazing hacking opportunity! You.

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Nice 2 Hack You is an app that will hack into your browser history and reveal “interesting sites” to your friends, in exchange for a reward. Our special algorithm that will target “interesting sites” in your browser history is specially engineered to uncover subjects like porn, relationships/dating, medical diagnosis, guilty pleasure tv and music, and more. It’s then up to you whether you share your results. If you do, great - you could win Big Data prizes. And if you don’t, why not... what do you have to hide?
congrats on the launch @bigdatabigdata! what inspired the creation of this?
hey @eriktorenberg, thanks for your support. the project was inspired by a song off the new album called "The Business of Emotion." It's all about the mood experiments that facebook did on users without them knowing. Data privacy, misuse, and scandals are around us every day. And so while everyone is rushing to protect their privacy at all costs, it seemed like a fun idea to see if we could get people to willingly give up their privacy altogether.