Improve your job candidacy in 5 minutes a day

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I like how this uses gamification to help people improve their skills, in order to make them stronger candidates when looking for jobs. The prospect of this only taking 5 minutes also makes it accessible for busy people!
@riaface Thanks Ria, I'm thrilled you like our concept! We'd love your feedback if you get a chance to try out the app.
Interesting idea: is the go-to-market strategy just for individuals to identify this need and find the app, or are you partnering with career programs, etc? No iPhone app???
@afhill Hi Andrea! An iPhone app is coming soon. We're currently in early stages (we launched our beta app in the Play Store 2 months ago) and are testing a number of hypotheses about our product and go-to-market. While we have made the app publicly available during this beta stage, we are also actively exploring partnerships with career programs/institutions/companies/etc.
Amazing concept. As far as India is concerned, this is the need of the hour. Candidates usually just run through aptitude test prep books and show up at an interview. Relevancy is key to the tips and games you provide on your app. Great work!
This looks like a @smartup_io version, for a much wider audience! Probably smart but not available for iPhone? What is the main goal, get a job or acquire knowledge?
@jrdbacosta Hi João, thanks for your questions! An iPhone app is definitely in the plan. We started with Android because we are initially focused on India, where Android is more prevalent. While a lot of our games are country-agnostic, we are planning to create specific content for additional markets soon. Our main goal is to use games to help students and professionals learn and improve job skills to boost their chances of getting the job.
I really love this concept. I've spent time in professional development/EdTech spaces and it's interesting to see a gamification approach. @anantgupta Do you foresee this being exclusively B2C? I think there are some neat opportunities with this concept in the world of corporate training.
@anderfrischer Thanks for your comments and your suggestion. We think there's great opportunity for a game-driven learning experience to help companies find, attract, and develop candidates, and we've started to look at opportunities in both corporate training and recruiting.
Looks nice, was disappointed when I realised there wasn't an iOS app. Do you have a beta waiting list for iOS (don't want to sign up for daily newsletters)?
@antoneliasson Hi Anton, thanks for your interest. We're trying to get an iOS app out as soon as possible. In the meantime, just shoot us a note at http://www.nhanceapp.com/contact... and we'll add you to the iOS waitlist.