Free and Open Source Angular admin dashboard

ngx-admin is a dashboard based on Angular 7+, Bootstrap 4+ and Nebular. Completely Free and Open Source for personal and commercial purposes.

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Dear ProductHunt community, Creators of Blur Admin and Eva Icons here, and today we're thrilled to share with you ngx-admin – our free and Open Source Angular admin dashboard. Although it has been around for a quite a while, we've finally decided to put it on ProductHunt. Ngx-admin is great if you want to build an admin interface, back office application, learn web development, in general, or Angular, in particular. With a huge variety of components, samples and advanced features, ngx-admin makes starting your next project so much easier and saves you a lot of effort too. In fact, our development team uses it quite extensively, and that's why we constantly update it and add new cool features to it, making it even better. So, we'd like to invite you to try it out. We'd be thrilled to hear your feedback or answer your questions. Feel free to ask anything! Also, if you have ever used ngx-admin before, don't hesitate to share which product you used it for. With your permission, we could even put your company logo on our landing, giving you a little free publicity! Finally, please leave a comment and let us know which features would be interesting for you to see in ngx-admin. A huge thank you to everyone for supporting us. Let's make Open Source better together!

I'm using ngx-admin for my smart-home project created for my home. I have all what I need. The design and layouts is so beautiful. Really recommend for everyone! Great work team :) I'm yours huge fun. Best regards, Marcin Mąsiorski


awesome design!


n/a nothing :)

Really huge variety of components and perfect designed samples! Thanks for your great work!
Cool dashboard and smooth animation. Good job, guys!
Top quality product in UI industry, I still can't believe that it can be free!