The Google Nest of Scandinavia

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As someone who is not a fan of this Scandinavian cold weather, I'm all for this :) Added to the Swedish Startups collection:
Google Nest isn't compatible with heating systems in the nordic market, due to the way the heating systems work, these guys came along and solved that problem with Ngenic. Aside from the mobile app that lets you control your temperature/go on vacation mode etc, they also have an 'electricity price control' feature that lets you warm your house when the price for electricity is low, and less when that price fluctuates and goes up. Since houses are well insulated in the Nordics (yes, it's freaking cold here) that feature can work very well here. @crillelampa perhaps you could tell us a bit more about how the product differentiates and what you have planned with Ngenic for the next year?
@jasondainter Hi! Yeah, lets start with the difference compared to Nest. We work with almost every water based heating system. And those systems work totally different from central heating and air heating that Nest works with. Thats one of the reasons both features in the app and the design of our smart thermostat is different. As you say, we can use the face that houses are well insulated to our advantage and develop more features with that in mind. Our best example today is the one you mention, 'electricity price control' which sounds a bit weird but you won't even notice a decrease in comfort while you save money and environment. The future then, we are on version 1.0.5 of the app so we have a lot in the pipeline there. Its new features like planing presets and support for multiple indoor heat sensors. But we are also collecting feedback and love to hear what people think so we can develop it for our users. We are adding new compatibility every week and looking to hire at least two people in the near future. So how do you 'from the outside' see our future? As a hub for the smart home or do you rather want to have Ngenic Tune as a stand-alone smart thermostat, and thats is?
Awesome product. I was really enthusiastic when I saw @crillelampa 's keynote at Uppstart.
@gregoiregilbert Thanks! I really tried my best to do something different than a regular pitch.