The Google Nest of Scandinavia

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Ryan Gum
@ryangum · CEO, Attach
As someone who is not a fan of this Scandinavian cold weather, I'm all for this :) Added to the Swedish Startups collection: http://www.producthunt.com/ryang...
Jason Dainter
@jasondainter · International doer of things
Google Nest isn't compatible with heating systems in the nordic market, due to the way the heating systems work, these guys came along and solved that problem with Ngenic. Aside from the mobile app that lets you control your temperature/go on vacation mode etc, they also have an 'electricity price control' feature that lets you warm your house when the price… See more
Greg Gilbert
@gregoiregilbert · Founder, Blades.live
Awesome product. I was really enthusiastic when I saw @crillelampa 's keynote at Uppstart.