Decentralised website analytics

Nfogix is a privacy focused website analytics tool built on the Blockchain
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Hey everyone! Check out my entry for Blockstack's "Can't Be Evil" hackathon. It's very much a work in progress, but the sooner you start tracking data the better. Comment below with some features/analytics you'd find helpful :)
Excited to see the direction of this. Do you know if anyone is already doing this? It seems like an obvious and important use case for the blockchain..
@chrisbuttenham Thanks Chris! I'm sure some people have also done something similar, but it wasn't as readily obvious as the "decentralized photo and notes" apps that are abundant. I'd wanted to dabble in Blockstack and decentralized storage for awhile, with something useful on a daily basis, so I found some time to whip this up for the hackathon :)
Currently stuck on the "Authenticating..." page, and in console is the error: "Error: Failed to login: Authenticating with protocol > 1.1.0 requires transit key, and none found." It also returned an error when attempting to send to the email registered (a common privacy focused one without mentioning it).
@sylxian That doesn't sound good! Are you using the Blockstack browser?
@alexsopinka Just the current version of Firefox.
@sylxian Hmm, I'll reach out to Blockstack and see what's up. Thanks for letting me know!