NFL Team Stats

A simple stats dashboard for your favourite NFL team

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Hey Product Hunters, For a while now I’ve wanted a really simple way to see the areas where my favorite NFL team is doing well and what needs improvement. I built NFL Team Stats as a one page app to get a high level view of some interesting statistics for each team and their relative position for each stat in the league. I spent plenty of time scraping sites and making calls to APIs so I could store the data without needing to make external calls on page load. As of right now the data is for the 2014 Regular Season but with the new season underway I would update the data weekly if there is enough demand for something like this. This is just a first version of NFL Team Stats and the design on mobile could probably use some work but I hope you also try it out on web and see if you like it. Would love to hear feedback about usability and if the current choice of stats is appropriate. Also happy to answer any questions.