A smart ring connected to your phone

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The auto-scrolling on this page is incredibly annoying. As I'm scrolling down, it keeps scrolling me back up to earlier sections. :-/
This is cool and looking forward to order one :)
I agree with @jadojodo about the worst autoscroll ever. But if you were able to get past that, it is an interesting product. An alternative to the standard wrist wearable. I was never a fan of the wrist wearable. I thought it was too big a bulky. My main use-case for it was to see that I had a notification, and to take my phone out anyway and view it from there. This could be a smaller and sleeker solution for my use-case. Still seems a little big, but good start @soniahunt and @rohildev.
Big to wear all the time for me but very interesting as a controller, and just scratching the surface on the use cases with camera, music, etc. Would like to see the GoPro integration. I think performance use cases will be interesting. My wife's a performance artist and I could see her using this as a stylish and unobtrusive controller for sound, projected images, etc. while moving around). As far as the website goes, beautiful first image of the ring, although I agree they should cut the autoscrolling.
the site doesn't work for me :(