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Resources dedicated to helping startups w/ initial traction

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NextView is an investor in my startup -- I'm really excited by this development. Jay is a badass and if you do anything with content, you should be paying attention here.
@ikirigin Ha, thank you, good sir
Curation of the internet is just on the rise! I find sites like this so useful (hence why I made my own previously!) Great work. Can you tell us about the story behind this @tdevane @leehower @davidbeisel @jay_zo @robgo ??
@bentossell Hey Ben, sure! In early 2014, the NextView partners hired me from stints at Google & HubSpot in marketing/media to build a resource platform at the firm. For 18 months, we did lots of customer dev, test launches, big-hit projects (and lots of things we tried but scrapped). We landed on two ideas: (1) early stage traction is a huge topic and hard, and (2) even ideas like CHEESE and QUILTING have their own go-to hubs online. Why not this idea of all 0-to-1 challenges at a startup? So this is our v1 launch - the infrastructure is there, lots of resources already, but lots to go + need community submissions! Folks can email me with startup stories or traction advice articles for consideration for syndication: Or you can explore a list of our most popular resources to get started (+ our nod to PH's "build in public" movement) here: Would love feedback + advice for growing this (what topics, resources, experts, etc.). Thanks guys!
This is awesome, @jay_zo -- we're finding really helpful resources already. I signed up for the newsletter as well, will that include a digest of what's being added to the platform each week?
@bashogry Thanks Baker! It will be roughly 1 email per week with 1-2 things (the next one will contain a few). Over time, we're trying to bring in more external contributors to ramp up both curated resources + original work. Any and all feedback as we go is much appreciated!
@jay_zo excellent resource, nice work
Hey everyone, as this is going to be a living, growing hub, I'd love to know what resources we should curate onto it + create from scratch (or maybe easier: what questions/challenges during a startup's traction-gaining phase we can address next). Thanks!