Foursquare for professionals.

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We’ve build a foursquare-like check in system and given it a Yo!-like communication, made for professional networking. Enjoy it while grasping your professional opportunities out there!
@kwdinc I like the mindset of the others above. We differentiate ourselves as we won't introduce you to strangers just because you share a business tag. Use nextSociety to tap into the power of your existing network. Use our relevance score to filter semantically. And add your favorite professionals and never miss them when you are in the same city.
nextSociety location based networking app... I like it! *Ping*
Social networks grow your connections, nextSociety helps you make sense of them.
How is it different from LinkedIn? I seem to see many parallels. Novel idea nevertheless.
@schandur nextSociety is a tool, LinkedIn is a platform. It assists you on the go and shows you the most relevant professionals out of your network. It is easy to connect with the right people, at the right time, in the right place.