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Nextreality is a way to discover and show off the best in augmented reality.

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Hey Product Hunters! 👋Thanks very much @bramk 👏for hunting us. We’re really excited to present the Nextreality platform to the Product Hunt community.The purpose of Nextreality is to be the destination the people discover and show the best augmented reality projects. Soon, we’ll also be launching jobs, meet ups and learning resources to be the best place for all your AR needs.We think AR is going to be a very big deal and with Apple’s iPhone announcement tomorrow, it’s time to get started. We envisage nearly all mobile apps and interactions being AR first and with that, there’s currently a big skills gap. The most exciting thing about this development is that AR is a blank slate. Most of the rules and ‘best practices’ have been defined in app and web development. That isn’t the case with AR. We’re hoping that a lot of these best practices will be defined on the Nextreality platform and we hope you’ll help define them. In addition to the Nextreality platform, we’ve also launched a Slack channel where you can connect with the Nextreality community. You can find a link to this community on We’re really looking forward to your questions and suggestions to make Nextreality better. It’s early days, but with you guys, we hope to make it the best platform for you to learn, show, get jobs and meet.We look forward to seeing you there, Dean & the Nextreality team
@deanfankhauser I agree with you on AR being a blank slate! AR is finally getting hyped up and there is so much more to AR! Nextreality looks great! I wish you guys all the best :)
Love that you have Google ARCore and Apple ARKit here. Look forward to comments being implemented.
@anton_odena Thanks, we're hoping to have a lot more Google ARCore content soon. It's very new, so there's not a lot out there at the moment.
When do you plan to have hashtag filters? There's already quite a few posts, so some filtering would be great.
@anton_odena Hashtag filtering should be launched in the next week or two