Personalized movie recommendations across all services.

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Just started using NextQueue - it uses MediaHound's robust entertainment graph to help you find movies, where to watch them, and throw them into a queue to help you watch them. With how diverse the media landscape is right now with so many services offering so many different movies, it's hard to know where to watch something you want to watch, or discover where one of your favorite movies are. Usually I just end up watching something I've already seen to avoid spending time searching Netflix..
This is amazing! I love being able to filter by multiple sources - will you add other filters like rotten tomato scores, year, or cast members? And is TV on your roadmap? Thanks!
@edenchen Thanks! Definitely. We are building out a ton of additional filters, Rotten Tomatoes included. And TV will be in eventually. For Cast Members you should try "The Sentence" - You can say something like "Show me movies like Iron Man with Denzel Washington" - thanks for checking it out!
Thanks for the hunt @dja1ol! We launched NextQueue last week and have been getting fantastic feedback, so we are excited to hear from the Product Hunt community. We built NextQueue to be a simple but comprehensive way to get personalized recommendations. There are a lot of apps that aggregate all the sources (like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO) and a lot of apps that have a unique tool or function (And Chill is an awesome example @leftearpod!). We see NextQueue as a way to combine the two – build out a taste profile to get personalized recommendations and filter down to just he sources you care about. There are a lot of features in our roadmap, but please let us know what you think and what you would like to see on the site! And check out if you are interested in building your own movie or tv app using our API.
Diggin' this! I feel like once a week I sit at home ready to watch a show or movie, but all of a sudden I forget which ones I have been meaning to watch then when I do I find my self staring at the different platforms trying to think which content is on each platform. Stoked to have a smart way to organize content I've been meaning to check out! Also, the Discover feature is UNREAL. Makes exploring content way fun. Any future for community components so I can see what my friends have Queued?
@bkomae Thanks! Yeah we are looking at a few options for how to integrate friends / social features into the app. Our MediaHound iOS app has some of these right now.
Love this interface! Do you have any plans on integrating with any standalone media players or consoles?
@jordan_mcneile Thanks! First up would be Apple TV - we are looking at Roku as well. Did you have a specific player in mind?