Nextlist is a side project finder for makers. I do a lot of side projects every year and thought it would be good to have some fun with other makers too.

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I have an entire notebook I can submit...
@aaronoleary go for it ;-)
So... Product Hunt?
@enjoythecode nah.. should offer different value, we don't need a same thing
@seoul_tony_kim I couldn't really understand what the aim of this product is. At first, I thought it was like PH (thus the comment). Now that I look at the website, is this supposed to be a way to "recruit" other makers for side projects?
@seoultonykim producthunt for side gigs 😃
Love the idea, however it seems based on the submission form you need to be looking for help (i.e IOS dev, cofounder, marketing etc) and where you want them to be based? So is this platform more based around finding others who can help you build your side project? I was under the impression it was a platform to showcase side projects.
@thisdickie Thank you for your feedback Sam! That's gonna be my next step 😎
Interesting idea. I was looking for a list of side projects on the home page. Is that possible?
@thisiskp_ sorry, was not showing properly and fixed now. AND THERE ARE 10 SIDE PROJECTS TO CHECK OUT! I'm so excited 😃
So... every where you market your website you need to add some desc about what it is? Wouldn't it be awesome if your website had at the minimum a paragraph of what it does or what it's for?
@tostartafire good point! should update it. thanks! 👍