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#5 Product of the DayMay 06, 2019
Nextjournal is a multi-language notebook that was designed to make complex Data Science painless — for you and your team.
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Hi Product Hunt! 👋 I’m one of the founders of Nextjournal and I’m really excited that after almost three years in Private Beta we’re finally opening signups today to everyone. Nextjournal is a computational notebook platform and our goal is to make computation more accessible and automatically reproducible, so it becomes easier to collaborate and build on top of each others work. Features Code with confidence Nextjournal runs Python, R, Julia and Clojure all in the same notebook. Let docs, code completion and per-line errors help you out along the way. Import your Markdown and Jupyter Import your existing notebooks (Jupyter, RMarkdown and Markdown) or get started with an existing template. Install anything Install any package or system library you need. In Nextjournal you have full access to the filesystem to install anything you want. With the click of a button, you can save your environment reproducibly as a docker image. Go back in time, anytime In Nextjournal, your notebook and your data is versioned automatically, all the time. If you break something, simply restore a previous version. Access your private data Easily mount your S3 or Google Buckets or import private GitHub repositories. Secrets are stored encrypted. Share and collaborate Share drafts using a secret URL or invite collaborators to edit in real time. If you'd like to know more, check out our launch blog post at or sign up and give it a try! Happy to answer any questions that come up!
🌦 This might be one of the most important software projects of our time. 🌈 A journal for scientific writing & reproducible computing.
I'm doing freelance in Machine Learning. Is this relevant for me?
@zequix Yes! Check out our featured notebooks on machine learning at You can easily run computations on the GPU and our default environments are setup so this works out of the box. We also provide getting started templates for Tensorflow, TFLearn, Keras and Pytorch Lastly sharing your work with your clients is really easy.

I love Nextjournal


So easy to setup a notebook for machine learning tasks


A bit expensive

Wow, looks very powerful. Is this built on top of Jupyter?
@michihuber Nextjournal is not built on top of Jupyter but is a fully integrated system designed to enable automatic version control of the notebook, data and the computational environment (as docker images). That being said, Nextjournal supports importing Jupyter notebooks and running Jupyter kernels but also supports its own runtime protocol. In its simplest form our protocol only depends on bash, whereas Jupyter needs a full Python installation in the container. This enables installation of any libraries in Nextjournal notebooks.