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Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
Seems similar to so I'd love to know what you find the big differentiators are
Anoop GuptaMaker@anoop_gupta · Co-founder and CEO, Nextio
@bentossell great question. seems to be a repivot from a bitcoin company. BTC is still unfamiiar to most regular folks. They also appear to be targeting super-influencers, as a way for regular folks to get questions answered via paid-messaging. Nextio is a much broader platform that has both paid and unpaid messaging. People send messages either according to your preferences or they pay to express their sincerity of intent. Also all payments are handled via PayPal. The target is regular professionals versus super influencers.
Anoop GuptaMaker@anoop_gupta · Co-founder and CEO, Nextio
@bentossell The use cases for Nextio are much closer to the broad LinkedIn use cases. Except the control resides with the end-user versus the middleman. Also, the monetary value flows to teh recipients versus the middleman.
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
This is like a postage stamp for email, set by the recipient?
Anoop GuptaMaker@anoop_gupta · Co-founder and CEO, Nextio
@chrismessina Indeed, Chris. IN fact, the product UI uses postage stamp. The purpose of these stamps that cost real money is two fold: 1) For senders to express their sincerity/intent to recipients that they are not a spammer and they value recipients attention. 2) On the recipient side it is a token of value for their attention, and invokes human-reciprocity so they offer a more thoughtful response, even if that is that they are not interested in the proposition. By making this a peer-to-peer exchange (versus value flowing only to the middleman as on LinkedIn) we believe we can align the interests between senders and recipients to enable meaningful and productive conversations.
Anoop GuptaMaker@anoop_gupta · Co-founder and CEO, Nextio
Hey folks, thanks to @erictwillis for hunting us! Nextio gives you a public messaging address that you can share everywhere to increase your visibility and invite new opportunities without attracting spam. You control who can message you for free and what they can message you about. All other senders must attach money to their messages to express sincerity and value for your attention. You set the price for your time and attention, and you decide whether to keep the money you earn or donate it to a charity of your choice. Your time and attention are scarce resources, and we believe that the money people spend to reach you should go to you instead of a middleman. It creates an environment of mutual respect, and both sides benefit – with more visibility, easier access, more potential opportunities, and less wasted time and attention. While we build a thriving network, you can benefit from Nextio by using a powerful, free tool called Career Insights as soon as you sign up. We’ve analyzed the public profiles and career transitions of millions of professionals to show you the full landscape of career moves available to you, the background and skills of the people in any job you’re interested in, and the qualifications you can acquire and add to your resume to increase your chances of landing your dream job. We believe it’s worth signing up for on its own. Happy to answer any questions about the product. Ask me anything!