NextGEN Gallery Pro

Automated Print Fulfillment for WordPress

The first-ever automated print fulfillment solution for WordPress. NextGEN Gallery is already the most popular WordPress gallery plugin ever. You can now sell prints with automated print fulfillment. Prints are sent directly to customers with no extra work.
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Amazing update, guys! Hope the team is celebrating today!
@chrisgscott Thank you so much for the support!
Hello there Product Hunters! I'm Scott, the Chief Community Officer at Imagely.. Along with our CEO @erickdanzer and colleagues, @jaime_segura_chinchilla & @mihai_ceban, I'm here to help you get to know the WordPress plugin, NextGEN Pro that's revolutionizing WordPress for photographers. All of us on the Imagely team are extremely passionate about bringing useful photography tools to WordPress and promoting cause-driven photography with our annual photography grant. We know that powerful photography can change the world - and we're giving you the power to share it, sell it, and print it. We've just launched the first-ever automated print fulfillment solution for WordPress. This is fairly big news for us, WordPress, and the photo website industry. Why is this a big deal? This news is big because automated print fulfillment does not exist for WordPress, even though WordPress represents 30% of all websites. Because WordPress can’t offer this service, many photographers need secondary websites outside of WordPress - on services like Smugmug, Shootproof, or Zenfolio - just for client and print galleries. We’re changing that. Photographers will be able to do everything they need on WordPress. This release thus has the potential to significantly disrupt both WordPress and the photography website industry. How it works Our print service will be part of NextGEN Pro, a premium extension for NextGEN Gallery. NextGEN Pro already has a full ecommerce system for selling manual prints and digital downloads. This update adds automated print fulfillment in partnership with WHCC, one of the leading print labs in the United States. Users add a pricelist based on WHCC’s catalog, markup their prices, associate that pricelist with a gallery, and start selling. After a sale, Imagely’s central server collects the images and forwards them to WHCC. We also bill the photographer for the cost of the print order. WHCC ships prints to the final customer. And that’s it. There are a lot of other details worth noting: - This amazing new service is commission-free. - It’s white-labeled package with the photographer’s information on it. - We added automated sales tax calculations with TaxJar. - We’ve enhanced the overall performance of the plugin. - We’ve added a new, tiled gallery display. - We’ve improved things like currency conversion for international sellers. - This service can be used on any WordPress website, no matter where its hosted. But for the first release, prints can be shipped only to the US and Canada. As a warm welcome to new users coming from ProductHunt, we’re happy to offer 30% off any of our product packages using the coupon code HUNTPROD30 (expires 9/30/19). Of course, we will be here throughout the day to answer any questions that may come up, take your feature requests or to just give you advice. Don't be shy, we can't wait to hear what you think!