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This is going to be huge. Nextdoor Now takes on the help-wanted section of Craigslist in a way that Handy cannot. We feel a connection to those who are from our neighborhoods and share an implicit trust with them. When it comes to hiring a tutor or a babysitter for our kids, parents would much rather see verified profiles of neighbors than the nameless, faceless stranger on the internet. There's an absence of trust in Handy and Craigslist that Nextdoor circumnavigates. Watch this company in 2016.
@wademvaughn Hmm. I wonder if this will be huge. At least in cities, or gentrified areas, are your neighbors available for the tasks that Handy fulfilled?
The link redirects to a "Help - Using Nextdoor Now" page, was thinking it'll take me straight to it. I think having some neighbor or someone from the neighborhood work on odd jobs for you *might* be okay (specially the verified part will be great to have) but it will be a tough mindset to break like say having a Neighbor come over and do your yard work while you are sitting in the comfort of your living room, watching Football. I don't know, I am not 100% convinced on that aspect. Would there be 'ratings' soon, how do you know how good a neighbor is at a certain task? Yelp-like reviews? That could get ugly too....
@sarthakgrover The service is behind a login, and you can only see it of your address is in the areas where Nextdoor Now has launched
@sbermo I see, thanks. Wish they had a better landing page for this feature than a generic support page. Perhaps a "get notified when your neighborhood becomes available" list would be good to have.