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Hello there! Today we are introducing, a simple website that tells you when the next bus to your destination is leaving. Whether you just need to get away or you just decided to attend that great summer festival, we let you book on-the-go last minute bus tickets. is a side project we built upon the Busbud API during our latest hackathon. Busbud offers the largest sellable inventory in the world with over 500,000+ bus routes in 63 countries, connecting 10,000+ cities. Try it now by visiting: and let us know what you think! There is much more we want to do with and we'd love to get some feedback to make it absolutely kick-ass :) Cheers! ...oh and shoutout to the Busbud API
A very cool idea and I would definitely find this useful. upvoted. 1 important criticism; you need to add more services/timetables. For example, one of the destinations near me says the next bus is at 8pm (its 11AM now) and I know for a fact that buses go there every hour.
@matthewboyle25 Thanks for the feedback Matt! We have seen some similar issues to the one you are having, and trying to increase the reliability for those cases.
@matthewboyle25 Matthew, just a heads up to let you know that this particular issue as been fixed following your report.
Like but I have a problem when I search Lyon to Paris :
@mlescaudron Oh! That's a bad one! Thank you for letting us know, fixing it :)
I had a quick issue. I clicked for the next bus from MTL to TO and it was showing 10AM. When I clicked I brought me to list of choice. I went back to the previous page it still showed 10AM. Click on it again brought me to the list once more. When back again, refresh and than it showed 11AM, clicked on it and brought me to the expected page. So quick heads up on that issue. Sinon belle fonctionnalité
@julien_meyland Cool! Thanks for trying it out Julien. We are investigating the issues that are showing up after posting to PH. Cheers!
@julien_meyland Julien, we have investigated the issue and the reason is that shows you the next sellable result. Greyhound, for example, enforces 1h cutoff for online ticket sales. The specific bus you are talking about therefore expired at 9AM. You likely loaded the page before 9AM but clicked past 9AM. Thanks for the feedback and we are planning to provide this information within the platform.
Confusingly similar name to which provides bus arrival and trip information for many, many municipal public transit agencies around the world. App looks great, but the name may become a big trademark problem.