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NextBook is a robust recommendation system to help you find the next book to read. Based on your preferences, we filter through 10K books from a diverse array of genres and over 6M ratings to curate the the best possible set of recommendations.
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Hi Product Hunt Community! Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we wished to provide people with some form of renewed hope to look forward to the future. We believe that books are perfect to find comfort in during these trying times and also an opportunity to escape reality. Books are known to have a plethora of benefits such as increases in creativity and imagination. That is why we built NextBook - a web application that helps you find the next book to read so you may delve into a whole new world that is free of stress and the coronavirus. Here are some perks of using our website - 1. Dataset includes around 10K books from 32 genres and over 6M ratings. 2. Select a few book samples that appeal to you. Know details about author, average rating, and publication year when making choices. 3. Get personalized recommendations depending on your preferences. 4. Wish to read a little bit about the book? Click on any title to view its description. 5. Found your next book? Email the recommendation to yourself to make sure you remember the title. This is an early version of the product. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Please let us know if you discovered your next book through our web app. Thank you and Stay safe!
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