Nextbit Robin

The phone that doesn't run out of space.

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I already posted it
@ozgrozer You did, and when I tried to post it this morning, it took me to your page (which I then upvoted). So I'm not sure why this one received front page status. Oh well!
@veronica @ozgrozer Sorry, I didn't notice your post earlier. I was looking for Nextbit in the title. I ended up using the main Nextbit homepage URL, rather than the Kickstarter URL, which is why it allowed me to post here on PH. Anyhow, curious to see what others think of Robin!
I'm excited for something different in Android phones. With slick hardware and always being on top of the latest version of Android, I was happy to back Nextbit. They are doing a launch party on Thursday for you Bay Area folks. Tell me what you think!