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Thank you Product Hunt for featuring Nextbeach. Hello hunters! It's been a while since we released nextbeach to the world for the first time and we've been working hard on improving the app ever since. I'm incredibly excited to announce Nextbeach 2.0, a much more refined experience of discovering travel content related to beaches and resorts. Looking for the perfect holiday beach? Want to know where the most popular beaches in your destination are? SHARE YOUR WORLD ON NEXTBEACH Nextbeach is a global community of beach explorers sharing their discoveries on the app. Help others find the best spots in town. What's your favorite beach? Which spot do you think offers the best view? Which resorts has the best cocktails? Which beach has the best sea restaurant? Share your ideas and help others feel at home in the world, anywhere they go. Here are some new things you can play around with: - Discover all the beaches in the world through the map - Search by eight holiday types (families, friends, adventure, party, sport, children, pets, accessibility) - Find our reccomandation for popular beaches, user's tips, etc. - Gather all the information about the beach including photos, video (coming soon), social wall (coming soon) - Insert a new beach - Insert a photo to the beach - Add a beach description - Get directions to the beach