Next Up

A podcast alarm to help you wake up engaged

The first full-featured podcast alarm clock for iOS. Next Up lets you wake up to your favorite podcasts instead of grating alarm sounds or music you'll soon grow to hate. Choose the volume, snooze duration, playback order. Even skip early ads and long intros.
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Definitely going to check this out. Thanks man
Cool app idea! What are some good podcasts to wake up to? Something light, positive and energizing rather than the news, which these days is anything but those things.
@varun_nayini1 Thanks Varun! I agree, I never wake up to the news (except occasionally 'Wait Wait.. Don't Tell Me"). For a mindful, meditative list of positive thoughts, there's a podcast called Happiness Spells. Personally I've also enjoyed waking up to short fiction on LeVar Burton Reads. There are more suggestions, from me and users, in the Featured tab of the Next Up. You'll have to get the app to see them, though ;)
Such a good idea. I'm looking to consume more podcasts (vs. music) so I'm in the process of downloading this. The question I've got to answer is, out of the 15 podcasts I'm subscribed to, what do I want to wake up to?
@landonjmitchell this is awesome. You brought the radio back. Hit me up when you need help expanding on the roadmap and solutions for creators. Love what you’re doing and would love to help. Can I put the CodeLess podcast on Next Up?
This is interesting. As I already use podcasts when waking up.