Next Up

See what's next up for your day in your new tab

Next Up is a lightweight, beautiful calendar that shows your upcoming events every time you open a new tab. Stop missing meetings, block out time for your own work, and stay on track.
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Last year I missed a SUPER important meeting with Amazon for them to invest in my startup, Yac. They were ready to sign and just needed support from some higher ups. I got wrapped up in a brainstorm with one of my designers and completely missed the meeting. My phone didn’t alert me, and Fantastical failed me, hard. I haven’t heard from them since. I needed something that just constantly reminded me about what my next meeting was, without it being a full on dedicated calendar app that I would have to check. I’m in my browser all day, so I thought what better way to remind me than if my new tab page simply glared back at me each time I opened it with some giant font of whats up next on my calendar. So Next Up was born. Next Up is low friction, simple Chrome Extension that just shows you what's next up for your day along with a nice background, the current time, and the weather. It's nice to look at, and serves a narrow utilitarian purpose. Hope you all find some value in it. If you're a student/teacher and want to upgrade to the Premium version, let me know and I'll send you a fee license. If anyone wants to read about an absolutely crazy story about this involving me and another maker building the same product at the same time with the same name...check it out here:
That is a very crazy coincidence. I am stuck on the whole "secret calendar" link thing, even though I have the Google instructions up. I am not sure what's up. did they change it?
@chriscchan ha no don't think so? It's just under the settings for an individual calendar. Where'd you get stuck?
@chriscchan Oh hey btw. Had another user with gsuite have this issue. This solved it.
I just love this, one of the most useful apps on Earth 👍