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#5 Product of the WeekNovember 11, 2016

A productivity add-on for weekly/daily planning and scheduling of your tasks on Trello, without having to open and close cards all the time. β˜‘οΈπŸš€

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Hi everyone! And thank you very much, @adrienm for hunting! I made this Chrome Extension because I use Trello as my main personal task management tool (I'm a huge fan), and I had found it hard to decide on which task to work on first, while working on 10+ projects simultaneously. I'm very happy to see that it's useful for other people too! πŸ€“ I'm grateful to Adrien and Max from Mangrove for their help on the landing page, and to Ben, Xavier, Anthony, Merlin, Mathieu, Julie and Camille for their feedback and support! πŸ™ And special thanks to @lailo_ch for having encouraged me to turn this idea into a product, I'll keep posting ideas on Pitchcard! I'll be listening and replying to your feedback and ideas here, so don't hesitate to comment! ✍️ Cheers! NEWS: You can support the development of this project on Kickstarter ( or on my Patreon page! (
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Thanks for building it @adrienjoly. It's a simple and yet powerful tool . We, at, use it every single day. πŸ‘
@adrienjoly @adrienm @lailo_ch THIS IS A GAME CHANGER!! q: no way to add checklists for cards? only sub tasks in a card?
@shtooova what do you mean? checklists are already contained in cards... :-s
@adrienjoly for example: checking off " cook an omelet"
The absolute must for Checklists addicts! I'm so glad someone made this. Thanks Adrien.
@j_henches We should start a "Checklist-holics Anonymous" group! ;-) Thanks for your kind and hearted support, Julie!
@adrienjoly @j_henches I have like 7 different checklists running at the same time! Do I qualify? We use trello here and this is going to be a must have for me at least :)
@davidsfeng well I have about 20 checklists running on the same board, so I believe that the extension will work well for you too! :-)
Looks like an official feature from Trello!
@tchret That would be great!
@openwhyd Hi Adrien! Your plugin is a complete bliss! πŸ™Œ Thank you very much. We use Trello in our team daily. And honestly I hate the checklists for 2 reasons: 1) You need to open a card (you got this! bravo!) 2) Every time I create a checklist it offers me to enter its title. But I always start typing in the first item by mistake. This drives me so mad! Any solutions from you? Anyway, Kudos Adrien!
@alexanderisora Oh yeah, I know exactly how you feel, I always get mistaken too when creating a new Checklist in Trello! That sounds like a great idea of next extension to make, thank you for sharing, Alexander!
@adrienjoly wohoo! I hope you will succeed and force the world to love Trello checklists πŸ˜€
Hey I sent you this feedback privately but I thought I'd make it public, here are some ideas for continuing the product although they can be ludicrous: - Assign team members to next steps - Assign a deadline for steps, and enable calendar reminders (maybe a bit overkill) - Assign a 'Time needed to complete' with each next step, to improve planning. - Create a board view where the items that have already been done appear side to side with what still needs to be done - LAST STEP: ask users to create the 'last step' first, so we have a clear view of where this card is going and can reverse-engineer the process - Automatically create a "Done" list in the Board, where all the next steps that have been crossed go. - Send a daily digest to the team with all the done, then you can replace iDoneThis. - Card color that automatically changes from red to green depending on how many next steps are needed to completion (not sure this is either useful or good) - An "Invite your friends" button. I'm the only one using the feature and it would be better if others from my team could see the next steps. - A "Feedback" button so next time I can juste type it there :) Keep up the good work Adrien!
@nicknem92 Thank you for the awesome ideas, Antonin! :-) I love the "reverse-engineerable last step" idea particularly, btw! That sounds like powerful productivity advice! Maybe the root of my (or our) next product? ^^