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Jan Markeljc
Jan MarkeljcMaker@markeljc · Designer
As a freelance designer I receive many project offers which are outside of my field (development, marketing, etc). When this happens, I usually team up with my buddies and work on a project together as a team. That made me wonder, what if we want to get more projects like this. There are some huge sites where you can get freelance work, but not as a team. At least not high quality work. That's why I tried to simplify the path of teams finding founders. After all, it's also a lot easier for founders to find perfectly working team, then finding one by one. Not to say it's a lot cheaper than hiring an agency or development firm. So far I've only built MVP with mailing list and project submissions. When new project is added, subscribers receive the info and if interested they can respond to it. Guys, let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
Tiffany Zhong
Tiffany Zhong@tzhongg · @ZebraIQ (gen z), ex Product Hunt
@markeljc It'd be cool to add locations of each project and add it to the map (unless it's a remote project)
Jan Markeljc
Jan MarkeljcMaker@markeljc · Designer
@tzhongg That's good idea, I already thought of making some kind of filters for projects and teams, but this will come later, when there's more activity. For now, email does the thing just perfectly. By the way, so far I've managed to get 180 teams and 4 founders that shared their projects and are on the quest to find a team.