Next Please

Track feature requests and share your roadmap

Next Please makes managing your SaaS product easy:
- Track feature requests and easily sort them
- Discuss, vote, and estimate with your team
- Build a product roadmap and track releases on your changelog
- Share your hosted or embedded roadmap and changelog
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Hey Product Hunters πŸ‘‹ As product owner at ConvertKit, I noticed we were running into inefficiencies with some of our product processes. At the time we were tracking feature requests as tags in Helpscout and that quickly became a mess. Our roadmap was in a Google Doc which was difficult for the team to find. And neither our roadmap or changelog was very transparent to customers. So voila! Next Please was born! We've been using the app for a little over a year along with dozens of other beta testers. After many iterations I've finally released the official v1.0 with a new design and a ton of UX improvements. I’d love to hear any and all feedback if you give it a try! I'll be around to answer questions if you have any
@dylanfeltus That's pretty cool! We've been using Trello to do something similar and what's been missing is a good way to handle changelog and notifications. Could you tell me more about how users can track a feature? Do they need to sign up for an account somewhere?

I lead the Support Team at ConvertKit, and we've been lucky enough to use Next Please from the beginning. I has been a huge win for our Support Team. Before Next Please, it was impossible to trace the line from customer feedback to the roadmap. Now, we can see how many feature requests we've resolved, and easily share what we're currently working on and planning on working on. The Support team is more connected to Product and Engineering, and Next Please gives us tools to then easily share updates when features are coming or launched. If you've ever struggled with communication between Support, Product and/or Engineering -- try Next Please.


easy and fun management of customer feedback, Dylan is all about the user experience and that shows using this app!


none that I've found

Just tried to login with Slack and got a server error gents : ( @dylanfeltus
@mwtbrowser Oh no! I'm not seeing anything on my end... Going to DM you for some more info.
Love this, just what we are looking for when we launch our new sass platform next month
Clean and easy to understand! Nice job Dylan! I'm all about doing something for one specific audience β€” it's the central piece in what I write. I saw in the footer of the website that's its meant to be for SaaS people β€” why not put it at the top as well? I think it'd be a golden move My other opinions: It'd have a much stronger impact on people if they could see some visual on the first page. Or maybe you want to just deliver a blank-slate-strong-message (that's what I do on one of my websites) β€” then what I said in the previous paragraph would make sense Since it's for SaaS people, I would love love love to see NP team doubling down on what SaaS folks need. Whatever Trello/Aha/ProductPlan/what others have said in the comments is missing for SaaS people as they shoot wider than you, I'd say that's your gold mine. I love Playfair Display (the font) so I have to mention this Btw, I've saved it under "great websites" because of its simplicity. Reach out to me if you want to talk more about it β€” I'd like to!