Next Meeting

Quickly see your next meeting right in your menu bar.

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@nathan so simple! What was the inspiration? Fed up of pop-up reminders?!
@bentossell Thanks Ben! And thanks to Roberto for submitting it to Product Hunt. I made the first prototype a long time ago (when the Calendar APIs first appeared in OS X Leopard) because I liked focusing on _just_ the next meeting. I found always being conscious of that created a nice focus and rhythm to my days, and it helped me be more on time and feel less rushed.
While looking for this app I was very surprised to find a medium post by @ev requesting exactly something like it 3 years ago: Not sure if there's any tangential connection – since @Nathan has worked in Twitter and Square.
@rmateu Good sleuthing; I remember that post! Coincidentally, there's no connection. Here was my reply at the time:
Would love this with Google Calendar. I never use my Mac Calendar app.
@franklin_ho It works with Google Calendar. All you have to do is add your Google Calendar account in Calendar app (or System Preferences) and Next Meeting will work. The calendars update in the background even if OS X's Calendar app isn't open. 😉
This is brilliant. I can finally turn off the annoying calendar alerts.
Where has this been all my life? Easily one of my favorite new apps. So simple, yet huge impact. I especially like it in combination with Mac's Bartender -- for a nice look.