Personal financing made easy for iOS and OSX

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We wanted to make expense tracking fun and easy. Our goal was that each app feels right on its platform. So the iPhone, iPad and Mac app share a similar look and feel but they each have their own focus and UI.
@sandropennisi love your app, I've been using it everyday for months on my iPhone. Sooner or later I'll try it on iPad and OS X
@sandropennisi My challenge with all of these apps is that if it doesn't integrate with my credit cards, it just isn't worth it from a tracking perspective. So time-consuming. Do you plan to build that in down the road?
@pieroborgo thanks a lot, that's really cool to hear!
@JasonShen well it's not easy to integrate with credit cards or banks or something. Also many people use it to track just a few elements of their spending habit. It's not meant to be a full featured accounting app or something. If you want to track a few things, like groceries shopping, restaurant eating, then it is really useful. For example I use it myself only for 3 categories. I monitor how much I spend in coffeeshops (as I work often from there hah), eating lunch and my groceries.
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