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Robleh Jama
Robleh JamaMaker@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
Super hyped to be on Product Hunt today! 🔑🚀🎉 Last time we were here, we launched Next Keyboard ( and thanks to a big boost from the PH community we made it all the way to #2 on the paid app charts. We’re all in on messaging, keyboards + emojis and decided to take a crack at making the best emoji keyboard for iPhone. For us, making the best emoji keyboard means not only having access to all of the emojis but also making it easier and quicker to find the ones you’re looking for. We organized the emojis so you can scroll through them vertically just as if you were going through your Twitter or Facebook feed. But that's just the beginning, we’ve also added a bunch of fun sticker packs to the mix to spice up your messages. Everything from a major key pack (🙏 bless up) to a buzzfeed inspired sticker pack and more. There's also beautiful themes to help make your keyboard every bit as colorful as you. Oh and we’re also launching another, more lighthearted emoji keyboard today in collaboration @bengillin - You can find it on PH here 👉
Mustefa Jo'shen
Mustefa Jo'shen@mustefaj · Founder, Ci. Strategy+Design
Congrats on the launch team! Any plans for 'search for emoji by name' like on MacOS?
Robleh Jama
Robleh JamaMaker@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
@mustefaj That's cool a idea! We have that feature in Next Keyboard - it's easier to do when you have a QWERTY keyboard + Emoji keyboard combo.
Mike Murchison
Mike MurchisonHiring@mimurchison · Cofounder of Ada (
Congrats Rob and team! As the most funded kickstarter software project ever I believe, could you speak to some of the things you learned about building software via crowdfunding?
Robleh Jama
Robleh JamaMaker@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
@mimurchison Thanks Mike! Yeah, Next Keyboard was the most funded app on kickstarter back when we did our crowdfunding campaign in 2015. We shared our thoughts and the good + bad that comes with crowdfunding software here: TL;DR - Doing a crowdfunding campaign is an amazing learning experience. Works better for physical products because of people's psychology. When it comes to software - it works for some types of apps/services and doesn't work really well for others like paid apps b/c of distribution issues.
Ryan J A Murphy
Ryan J A Murphy@ryanjamurphy · Student?
Congrats, @tinyheartsapps! (Tiny Hearts and Slack are co-hosting a meetup in Toronto on bots and messaging apps this evening, by the way:
Robleh Jama
Robleh JamaMaker@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
@ryanjamurphy @tinyheartsapps Thanks Ryan! We're pretty pumped for the event tonight! 🤖🤖🤖
Mark Justin Harvey
Mark Justin Harvey@markjharvey · product designer
glad to see updates coming through on this 😎