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Build your side projects with zero coding experience

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So guys, why don’t you still not have a side project? And what are your top questions about side projects that I need to answer? I’d like to know more information about your stopping point.
@stsilent Well, I started my side project a week ago. I'm doing the flow (wireframes + prototyping) and sharing with close friends, the updates. I know that's hard to have a unique idea; nowadays there are a lot of apps, websites, communities, etc.; but I'm taking this process for learning and improving my skills. I'm not thinking about money or significant steps; just believing... If I fail, will be a good project for my portfolio, and I'll start again. Btw, cool story Vladimir. Thanks for sharing.
@89nodes Hey Martin, it sounds like you have a right mood to start. What about your skills? Did you try to write code? I'm sure that the best benefits of building side projects appear during a process of building. It's really cool!