Nexosis Interactive Dashboard

A dashboard that makes ML as easy as point and click.

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Introducing a new way to interact with machine learning. Our brand new interactive dashboard makes our three step approach to ML even simpler. Just upload your data, build a model, and retrieve your results.

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  • Brent Hinks
    Brent HinksSolutions Engineer, Nexosis

    Simple to use, Doesn't require data science knowledge, Doesn't require detailed API knowledge, Beautiful UI


    Doesn't expose some advanced API features (yet)

    The Nexosis API has been a great resource for developers looking for a lower barrier-to-entry in the Machine Learning space. We provide powerful automation behind a simple RESTful API to help developers get ML into their products with ease.

    Now the barrier has been lowered even further. Our engineering team has released a beautiful first-party dashboard that allows users to upload data, build models, and retrieve predictions without writing a single line of code. Now it is easier than ever to explore the benefits that Machine Learning can offer your projects.

    Full Disclosure: I'm an employee at Nexosis. I'm also a developer by trade and I'm excited to see what sorts of solutions our users will craft with these new tools!

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Jeff Gabriel
Jeff GabrielMaker@jeffgabriel · VP Engineering, Nexosis
Hi - I'm a member of the team that built this new dashboard and we're very excited to release it to everyone today. I hope you'll take the opportunity to review it and let us know what you think. We're especially proud of how easy it makes using our API and that the entire dashboard uses the public API. Check it out.
Tim Falls
Tim Falls@timfalls · Community & Social Impact
Howdy, Product Hunters! I work on the community team at Nexosis. Our entire crew has been working for the last several months to bring this dashboard to life. We've built it on top of our API (which developers have told us they LOVE), to make the power of our API more accessible to all people - whether you write code or not. I truly believe in Machine Learning as a technology that has the potential to impact the world in meaningful, positive ways. I hope that this Dashboard represents a giant leap toward our mission to democratize ML, thereby allowing more humans to harness its power and do good things for their fellow people and our planet. Plz, let us know what you think!