Easy way for developers to build machine learning apps

Nexosis provides a public API which allows developers to quickly add machine learning to applications.

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Tim Falls
Climate Justice through Community

Full disclosure: I'm on the Nexosis community team (employee).

Fuller disclosure: I'm not a developer by trade (ie, don't write code) and have very minimal knowledge around data science or complex math.

That said, I'm sharing my story here because I'm really excited about what we're building and about the potential of machine learning to do good for our planet and its people.

I've also been really impressed by the accessibility of the platform to someone like me -- in a few months, I've been able to learn a ton from our educational materials and the expertise of my team members, which has led me to actively using the API (something that I've found challenging with most other developer tools).


Well designed/documented API, open source libraries in many languages. Postman for quick/easy testing. Helpful, knowledgable support team.


Must have your data prepared for use (clean, structured, etc). Without a specific problem to solve or Q to A, one may need some inspiration.