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Hello guys, There are several key principles of which you can learn more either on our Medium announcement or at the BitcoinTalk thread. In brief: 1. ZeroBalance - This principle ensures that we will hold your funds only for the shortest possible time (typically under a minute once your deposit TX is confirmed). Based on a market research which we have conducted, it appears that the 'Money limbo' phenomenal seems to be what bothers the users the most. http://bittrust.org/shapeshift 2. Execution Time - We make the conversion using our internal reserves. The conversion happens pretty much next to instantly. For example, today we have measured an Ether to Bitcoin trade, and it took 4 minutes before the funds were released to the user (with optimal network fee on top of that as a treat!). 3. Rates - we offer the best possible rates, right up there next to the market-based exchanges like Kraken and Poloniex. While we will eventually increase the fees, we maintain our obligation to remain the most cost-effective solution in the category. We base our business model on obtaining A-Book volumes via great service, rather than messing with our customer's funds. 4. Reliability - We do not ask for your refund address, simply because we do not need it. We will never cancel our customers trades because of momentary market fluctuations. We keep our risk management in-house and do not cast it on our customers. 5. Full transparency - All of our platform's orders, transactions, currencies, pairs, real time and historic price data, as well as our financial reserves, addresses and timing statistics are fully available through out api, which is documented and tested by Apiary.io http://docs.nexchange2.apiary.io 6. Open source - Last but not least, we are not your typical crypto shifter, but rather a Platform, for both consumers, and businesses. The product which is presented to you is fully open-source and free to use and copy under the Apache2 license, with only a minor credit notice. You can use our code for your own project, using our API and our liquidity and enjoying your referral fee without the need to do any actual heavy lifting, or implement your own backend if you like. Our open-source commitment does not end here, since all of our profits(or losses) are visible through our API, we intend to contribute 10% of any margin charged for exchanging cryptocurrency with us to the appropriate open-source foundation (based on the quote currency). Another possible reason, to use our platform and follow our project, is that ReactJS based API client which was published in this post is just the tip in terms of the features that our relatively robust backend is capable of, and were not yet rolled out due to our lean and actionable-metrics based approach. Here is the a list of features which are currently in a private Beta: - Push notifications - Referrals (for private individuals, b2b referrals are live) - Limit orders (pre-funded, notification based) - Auto executing orders (based on address) - Fiat integration (for now only popular wallets that do not have anti-Bitcoin policies) - Integrated multi SHA256, Scrypt, X11, X13, X15 mining pool - Market based exchange - Market-traders would be able to enjoy part of the spread we charge on the instant option - PaaS (platform as a service, also for market based exchanges, self managed private key) - Microsoft Chatbot Framework client to enable trading by texting - Many more coins - based on what you guys need! - Whatever our users will tell us that is important for them, by words of tongue(email), but mostly with the clicks of their mice Whichever features will rollout, and when, actually depends solely on your, so this is you choice vote with your feet. We are committed to open source all of our frontend code, and some backend modules as we see fit. Our goal is to become your one stop crypto shop, for all of your crypto-needs. But to to do so, fairly, transparently, and with no greed.
Sounds awesome!
Interesting but your logo is a clone of https://neovim.io/ :/
@freyskeyd This simply not rue, you can also say that the Logo is a copy of the Nasdaq logo. What it really is, is a much neater, and cleaner, 3-dimensionalised re-iteration over the logo of our legacy app, which can be found at https://api.nexchange.io
@iooleg That's just my opinion.
@iooleg @freyskeyd yea, thats the first thought I had haha. Nasdaq logo looks nothing like this and neither does previous one. It looks an awffuuul lot like this
What is the benefit of using this vs the other several exchanges?
@bentossell please check my comment :)
@bentossell TL;DR Faster, cheaper, simple to use and great service.
what is the difference with shapeshift or changelly? do you have better rates? are you faster?
@ourielohayon please check my comment :)
@iooleg not sure i got my answer. are you better ? faster?
@ourielohayon affirmative on both counts. Faster, cheaper, fairer and more transparent.