Turn your iPhone/Android into a community-based AI dashcam


Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
These guys were featured 10 months and it looks like they've made considerable progress since then — launching their iOS and Android (and getting featured by Apple in the App Store!). Curious what the team can tell us about their progress and what they've learned since then.
Jason Shultz
@thehashrocket · Senior Software Engineer, 3form
I've tried this app on both android (Note 7 and Pixel) and iOS (iphone 6s). It works beautifully by itself on iOS except you can't use it with maps unless it's in the foreground. On Android it works great both foreground and background. The one thing I ran into on all three of the devices I tried it on was over heating issues. Once the phone started getting … See more
@jay_bee12345 · Founder
Great product! This is definitely a must-have for Uber drivers... As the cameras face the interior of the vehicle as well as the exterior (windshield)... For liability purposes at the least! I am excited to see further integrations of your platform... With or into Google Maps GPS navigation! Will there be voice activated video recording in the future? Also I… See more
Matija Abicic
@matijaabicic · Head of Product Strategy at Sysrepublic
"Watch out - Vehicle stopped ahead in 3 yards"....sounds like it needs a bit more work :)
@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
- How do you sync? over 4G/3G? - How do you deal with battery drain issues (unless you have a cable, this will kill your phone) - How do you deal with the content being recorded to the phone storage? I mean how much can you possibly store without uploading it to the cloud? - How stable are the images/footage that you take? thanks!