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#1 Product of the DayFebruary 12, 2016
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Hello Product Hunters! Eran Shir here, I’m the co-founder and CEO of Nexar, the AI powered Dashcam app. Nexar is a smart dashcam app that doesn’t settle with merely recording and documenting the road in case of an accident. It actually attempts to prevent such accidents through smart warnings, and makes sure that in case of an accident, you have all of the data and evidence, in case you need them. We’re leveraging all of the sensors on and iPhone to figure out what’s happening around you on the road, and can even reconstruct an accident (check out this crazy accident gif). We have been running a private beta in San Francisco in the last four months with a few hundred Uber/Lyft drivers and have captured endless stream of incidents and accidents. Here are a few:
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@eranshir Hey Eran and welcome to the PH experience :) (ours was just two days ago with, I love the concept of what you're offering here as bad drivers exist everywhere and there's a clear need for the problem you are addressing. As we all seen MobilEye becoming a mega-scale company and conquering this market with a clear product-market-fit, I would like to know what would be yours? The video in my opinion really shows that there's a need for preventative-alarming anti-accident tools. But if you could explain to a layman, how does you're app - prevents accidents, what would you say?
@jodoron Thanks for the sentiments. The key thing we're going after is extending your Line Of Sight through a crowdsourced network, so that you will be aware of a hard brake or an accident five cars ahead, or a car speeding into your intersection around the corner. Think of it like a 'ground traffic control network'. It will take us time to build this network, but that's where we're aiming. So unlike existing solutions that only protect the individual cars they're installed on, our goal is to protect everyone and help them drive better and safer.
@eranshir So in order for your product to work, or let's say provide it's value to users. you need to have it installed in at least 2 cars or more that are moving close by to each other and about to be involved in an accident, thus, both the "saftey-oriented-driver" and the "bad-driver"(inflicted in the movie) got to have your app installed and be active users?
@jodoron Nah, Nexar works right now, and will work for you OOTB. I'm just describing how we differentiate from what currently exists out there. The higher the density in your vicinity, the more magical Nexar will become for you.
@eranshir One of the primary reasons phones aren't used as dashcams is because the field of view is too narrow to be as useful as it could be (go to any dashcam forum and this will come up immediately). What are your thoughts on that?
With a team like this + investors like these, this company is destined for greatness. Seriously all rock stars. Not to mention the killer idea and execution. Watching these guys closely.
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@hilzfuld Thank you man! Working hard to meet your expectations :)
@eranshir looking forward to using it.
Incredible how smart this is. This product effectively means that people will no longer only feel accountable when they know that there are cops or speed cameras, but all the time. Nexar is literally making our roads smarter.
This is a very smart product & one that Uber should definitely consider making a mandate!.. This also reminds me of a website concept I have which you may want to consider moving forward if your interests and circumstances permit, please consider the following: Thanks, Jaswinder Brar
@jay_bee12345 hey man, yes! you're spot on!
This looks pretty awesome! Any plans for an Android version?
@vincecgto yes, we have plans do an Android version of Nexar, but it will take a while. Sign up here for Android updates: Thanks!