An inspirational quote on every new tab with a fun twist.

Newton is a tiny Chrome extension that shares little bits of inspiration with a “guess who” element on every new tab.

Now updated to show more quotes and run faster!

Hi folks! I’m Kesava, and this is my first ‘product’. Thank you to all the makers on Product Hunt for inspiring me to learn programming and develop something. 🙌 Every time you open a new tab, Newton will show a quote from someone famous (or infamous) and prompt you to guess its source. To know if you guessed right, hover the mouse pointer on ❓ to know who said it and click to see more quotes from that person. Why did I create something that, as a friend said, has no productivity benefit? Well, I wanted something that made me think, smile a bit, try to jog my memory (it's not what it used to be, sadly) and then get out of the way so I could get back to work. I wanted it to run fast and take up as little bandwidth as possible. And I 💕 quotes. Newton is completely free, and will always be. I learnt a little about developing Chrome extensions just to make this, so feedback will be appreciated and enthusiastically responded to. Let me know what you think. 🙏 P.S. Why call it Newton? For lack of a meaningful reason, it stands for "new tab extension". I just like the name. 😋
@k3sava This is a coincidence! I have just been getting my hands wet with Google Chrome extension development too! :D Looks cool, hoping to see more, Kesava!
@arunsathiya Same here mate! Just learnt a few bits and pieces to develop this, but now I'm hooked. Looking forward to figuring out Javascript and do some magic with it... :)
Nice Work!
@marat_zakaryan Thank you! Let me know if you have any suggestions to improve it. 🙏