A frustratingly hard, addictive math game

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David Truong
David TruongMaker@daveytea · Founder
Hi Product Hunters! This is our most recent game aimed at anyone who wants to practice their basic arithmetic skills, and compete with their friends at the same time. I started this company 3 years ago in Melbourne, AUS with the aim of engaging kids in math education. Before then I tutored kids maths and science, worked in technology integration in schools, and also founded a vocational training company teaching DJing. It's been a hard grind developing products in education, for kids, and selling to parents/schools. Fortunately it's been amazing seeing some of the feedback from parents and teachers where our games have had tangible effects on people's learning (and perception of their own math abilities). Newton is a culmination of our learnings from previous games and experiences. I'm happy to answer any questions the community might have about our products or processes (or anything else)! :)