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Hey product hunters… excited to be here… I am the founder and CEO of NewsTab. In a nutshell, NewsTab is simply a great newsreader, with visual and fun user experience. Hundreds of millions of users around the world consume news via newsreaders. There are many newsreaders out there, but it is hard to find a decent one that provides dependable RSS functionality with a delightful UI and intuitive experience. NewsTab bridges the gap between modern news apps such as Flipboard (smart, beautiful, fun, but closed with limited coverage of news sources and regions) and open RSS tools like Feedly (which support any RSS feed, but have somewhat of a geeky experience). NewsTab is the only service that combines an intuitive RSS catalog (we index millions of feeds in over 130 regions worldwide) with smart topic feeds and intuitive, slick UX. We also integrate with Google News and Twitter, making it super-easy for users to follow Google News topics or Twitter hashtag/feeds. NewsTab currently offers a web version and an Android app. iOS version, is in the makes, as well as a new set of intelligent algorithms that will greatly improve our news surfacing capabilities. I am if you have any questions or comments you want to send me privately…J
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Looks great! Good luck @arnon_catalan
@lilosod thank you very much...:-)
I've been using the beta and happy to see the final result. Well done @arnon_catalan and the team! Love the UI!!!
@liatmord thanks Liat! much appreciated!
Awesome product, good luck!
@mottipeer Thanks Moti!
Well done, good luck.
@hareltayeb Thanks Harel!